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The PSA is the delivery arm of the Institute of Sales Professionals. We provide powerful sales education programmes.

We are accredited to deliver professional sales accreditations and Ofqual-regulated sales qualifications. Our programmes cater for the entire sales career, from those just starting out, through to those in leadership roles. All programmes are designed to support sales people to fully apply their learning in the context of the demanding environment of sales.

Why Do Sales Qualifications Matter?

They are far from just an academic exercise. Vocational qualifications require evidence that the knowledge and skills learned are applied in order to pass. This in turn drives performance improvement. Committing to this process benchmarks these qualified sellers as professional, knowledgable, reliable and credible. By earning accreditations and qualifications in this way, sales people set themselves apart as professionals in the eyes of their customers and their employers.

Why Sales Training Needs To Change...

Sales is a performance activity. It requires a unique blend of commercial acumen, product knowledge, influencing skills and emotional intelligence. This must all driven by exceptional personal behaviours in order to succeed. This cannot be taught in a few days of traditional classroom training - no matter how good the delivery is. In fact it is estimated that up to 90% of classroom training goes unused, (no wonder training budgets are the first to go). Success requires the use of behavioural change principles.

How Are We Different?

How Our Programmes Bring About Lasting Change.

Our modular, programme style learning is underpinned by the science of behavioural change and the highest education principles. We use blended learning, delivered in bite sized sessions over months for best skills uptake. All sessions are supported by coaching. The practical coursework, practice exercises and reflection included create a powerful programme for lasting peak performance. All our courses result in a professional accreditation or OFQUAL qualification.


  • Isn't 'months of learning' too much additional work for a sales person with live targets?

    Don't worry - the bite sized sessions are designed to fit around the sales day job. Studies show that little and often creates a habit of continuous improvement. The Knowledge accreditations can require as little as an 1 hour per week.

  • What is the smallest group size that can be enrolled?

    We can enrol individuals or groups in cohorts. Cohorts are in groups of 10. For smaller groups or individuals we arrange mixed or open cohorts. That way sales people still benefit from peer to peer learning and group coaching sessions.

  • Will this really impact my career?

    Achieving a qualification and professional membership with the ISP, sets you apart as an ambitious professional who has chosen sales as a career (not just a job) and cares their standards of work. It is pivotal when being considered for a new role or promotion. Add to this the results of regularly improving your performance - it is a game changer.

  • I am a member of the ISP. Do I get any discount?

    If you are already a member we provide a discount on all learning programmes. Usually around £100 per programme.

  • Can I pay for my course in instalments?

    Yes we make arrangements for instalments when enrolling as an individual. Contact us for more details.

  • What is a knowledge accreditation?

    Simply put, it is the theory part of the sales diploma. You cover all the topics required according to the OFQUAL diploma. Then, through coursework, show that you have understood the theory and can reflect on how you could use it in your role. It is recognised by the professional body as a professional accreditation in its own right. It's about the 3rd of the work of a diploma and takes around 60 hours of learning over 6-10 months to complete.

  • What is a sales diploma and can the knowledge accreditation count towards it?

    In a full sales diploma, OFQUAL require you to cover all the theory in a full way + provide evidence of using all of that knowledge in your role by a qualified assessor. It takes at least 180 hours of study and evidencing and 12 - 18 months to complete. Since prior learning counts for about 1/3 of this, you can put your knowledge accreditation towards a diploma with us.

Professional Qualification Courses

From topic specific accreditations to full diplomas. Continue your professional journey here.

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